Monday, 15 October 2007

Good-bye Girl

Needless to say, things have been kind of crazy in the past few weeks - hence the lack of blogging... I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.

As many know, we are gearing up to do the 'big move'. We have a half empty house now - well, half empty compared to what it was... and trust me, it was pretty full! We have sold a lot of our things, but I feel like we have so much more to go and we are quickly running out of time to get rid of them.

About two weeks ago we gave our beloved pet dog away as we will be unable to keep her when we are living in Sydney (no backyard = unhappy dog!) Thankfully we were able to find a really good home for her, infact we couldn't have hoped for a better home for her. The people have another dog - same breed and same age, and they live on a really big property with a couple of dams so the dogs can go swimming whenever they like. It was a sad day, the kids were pretty upset, but, considering she has gone to such a good home makes it a bit easier for us, we know she is being spoilt!

So, today, I thought I would do a quick post to let my blogging friends know I am still around and everything is ok...

...Oh and don't forget to drop back in and check out JPix on Thursday, I am hosting - get your picture posts in!!

.... Just another day ....


Rafi G said...

whew - from the title and then seeing the pictures, I thought for a moment that you had put her to sleep...

at leats she will be happy with some new friends....

Baleboosteh said...

Whoops! Sorry Rafi, now that you put it that way I can see what you are saying.

Yes, her new owners have emaild photos of the two dogs together and they seem to be very happy.

Tamara said...

Glad you and the Bagel family are doing well. How exciting that you're moving. I'm guessing to a more Jewish area? It should be interesting to hear your stories of you and the family getting involved and connected to a community.

As far as your dog. You're brave. It's SO HARD to give away or lose a pet. I almost got teary eyed. However, it's not like us living in a city where most dogs are used to a lack of space. Sounds like your dog has always had that freedom. Perhaps you can get a cat :) Avi and I love my cat and I can't imagine a home without some sort of pet.

By the way, have you seen Avi's new blog? You might be interested in it:

Indigo Red said...

Moving is always such a pain, but when it's all over, how grand the adventure. Your dog now is living a dog's life - dams, land, friends - we should all be so lucky.

Baleboosteh said...

Hi Tamara,
the girls are hoping to get a cat once we move - I can't imagine a home without some sort of pet either.
I will have to go and check out jewsbychoice - sounds good! Thanks for dropping by :)

Hi Indigo, yes moving is a pain - they say it is one of the most stressful events, it is exciting though and I am looking forward to getting there. :)

LittleBirdies said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear you are all OK. I was starting to wonder if you had given up blogging.

Do you have a date for the big move? Best of luck.


It's always hard when that decision has to be made. How are the girls holding up?

So, name the one thing that you'll miss living where you're at now.
AND, the one thing you won't miss-besides the obvious lurking landlord. :)
May this move be safe, full of zero drama's..and happy smiles from everyone. I hope you have some help!!

mother in israel said...

I suspect that your blog will have a somewhat different focus once you move. Should be quite an adventure!

Scraps said...

I'm glad to hear that you and yours are alive and well. Life does get hectic sometimes, doesn't it?

Good luck with your move!

Yossi ! said...

Great post!

Thanks for posting my pic!

Best of luck

Baleboosteh said...

Littlebirdies: no exact date as yet, our lease finishes mid December so I would guess it will be around that time.

Crusty: The girls are excited. There will one thing I miss when we leave and that will be quiet... and space - I know, thats two things, but that is about it anyway!

Mother in Israel: an adventure indeed!

Scraps: Thanks! :D

Yossi: Thanks! :D And by the way, I think you already know this, but I think your photos are incredible!

Thanks everyone for your comments!

muse said...

This must be very hard for you, but G-d willing you'll be spiritually rich in your new life.

MizEllie said...

Good luck with your new adventure! It is always tough to move but how nice it will be to be rid of the crazy landlord! And you'll have a whole new set of photography subjects.


How's it going now??
Just keeping you guys all in my thoughts!