Wednesday, 29 July 2009

224 Days To Go

The girls are home from school this week - no, it's not holidays, a couple of the children at school have swine flu. I spoke to Amber's teacher last week, just to remind her of Amber's heart condition and her higher risk to swine flu. She suggested that if a child in the class appeared to have flu symptoms or a child in the school had been diagnosed with swine flu she would give me a phone call to come and pick up the girls. So on Monday the phone call came... while I was at work of course. Anyhow, the girls are home with some school work to do for the week. We just can't have Amber get swine flu - she has enough trouble handling the common cold at times.

On another subject, yesterday I went to my first antenatal appointment, which really just consisted of the doctor printing out an ultrasound request for me to take to the x-ray department to have a dating scan and find out the due date. This morning I was up at 7.30am drinking the required 1 litre of water before my ultrasound at 8.50am. The scan went well. I am officially 8 weeks pregnant now with the baby due on the 10th of March! Only 224 days to go! Lol!

.... Just another day ....


muse said...

G-d willing, a nice healthy baby, and refuah shleimah to Amber!

LittleBirdies said...

congratulations. That is nice news and more exciting when unexpected. I hope you'll keep us updated once the baby is born.
It's so nice to have you back blogging. Your kids have really grown!