Sunday, 9 August 2009

Smooth Sailing??

On Friday I experienced some health issues (which I won't go into detail) which made me seriously concerned about my baby. So at 6am, I found myself going off to the emergency department for a day of blood tests, ultrasounds, IV drips and any other test you can possibly think of! Thankfully, there wasn't anyone else waiting when I arrived, so I was seen by the Doctor straight away. It wasn't until about 8am that people started filing in with all sorts of ailments.
After numerous hours and all the tests, it turned out that the baby is fine and they sent me home with 3 days of bed rest ahead of me and no real explanation of what caused the problems. I have been resting, but not in bed, I think I would go crazy spending 3 days in bed - I have had enough trouble just sitting about not being able to do anything much.
The girls have been pretty good at helping out - it took them about an hour to hang out a load of washing and a whole lot of arguing over who was hanging what and where!
It's back to work for me tomorrow, I just hope that it will be smooth sailing from now on!

..... Just another day ....