Tuesday, 6 March 2007

More Big Trips & Other Things

Above: Amber having a big sleep after our big trip to the cardiologist

I know it has been a while - well a whole week actually, since my last post. I know a few of you have emailed wondering where I am and if everything is alright.... Well, the answer is yes, everything is alright, it is just that I haven't had anything worth blogging about lately. I know there are plenty of things going on in the world to talk about, but, even the thought of blogging has been making my head hurt. Some things happened last week that I have not been feeling so good about. I had some trouble with my car and had to spend just about all the money I had saved to move on my car to get it fixed. Where we live - being so remote, you rely on having a good reliable car so much. So, I have been feeling pretty down about spending our savings on my car, but I just have to move on and just start saving again.
I am not sure why, but I fell that I am kind of loosing interest in blogging at the moment... maybe it is just because I am to busy, I don't know. I didn't even get time to put up a post for Purim, which was kind of dissappointing.

Last week we had to drive half way to Sydney for a cardiologist appointment for Amber. It has been just over 2 months since her heart surgery now. When we went back to Sydney in January for her first check up, we were told that the 'repair' to her heart they had done looked really good, but she had fluid in the sack around her heart that had not been there when she left hospital after her surgery. I didn't blog about it at the time as I found it to stressful to even think about. We were told that if the fluid got worse she would have to have more surgery to drain the fluid away. So over the past 6 weeks we have been hoping that we would not see any of the signs of the fluid causing problems - which we didn't.
At the check up last week, we were told that the fluid has now gone - wonderful news! We were also told that all 4 of the medications she has been on since the surgery should be stopped by July - more great news. She will then go onto just a small dose of asprin each day. She has to go back for another check up in May.

I have a few more posts lined up ready to blog so hopefully my posts will be more regular again!

.... Just another day ....

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