Friday, 23 March 2007

Mr Bagel Returns To Blogging!!

Over the past week I have received a number of emails from people hoping Aaron, aka Mr Bagel, would come back to blogging. Yesterday when I came back online, I had quite a few comments left to the same effect...
'Is he coming back?'..... 'How's the BagelBlogger doing? Any chance we'll see him back in the blogsphere soon?' ..... 'Tell your husband he should come back..' ..... 'I miss bagels :(' , and so on.

Well, Mr Bagel has had a very busy week rebuilding his blog from scratch! Trust me, I know, I spent many nights searching Google for old cached copies of his posts and re posting them on his new blog to help out. I managed to save about 130 of his 660 posts, so there are still alot of older ones missing, but still, he is back and blogging and that is a great thing.

As Aussie Dave said yesterday, Aaron's blog is not like the average pro-Israel blog, he has a very distinctive style, which I think can be effective.

Check out his newly rebuilt blog he has only just come back online today.

.... Just another day ....


muse said...

yes, I finally saw the reconstructed bagel blogger.
You guys must be relieved, such good timing. Just perfect to have new things before pesach!

Baleboosteh said...

I am so glad you finally saw his blog Batya, it has been a huge amount of work for him to get it all together again! :D