Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Tropical Breeze

There's not much going on in my part of the world at the moment worth blogging about. The past few days have been truly beautiful outside with the bright warm sun and gentle breeze - not too hot and not too cold... just right. Far to nice to be spending the days inside working in front of my computer, that is for sure. But, work is work and it has to be done.

Anyway, I took the above photos of one of our many palm trees here on the property yesterday while I was out wandering around in the yard with Ruby enjoying the sun for a few minutes.

.... Just another day ....



Glad to see you back. Screw those that don't appreciate the art of expressing yourself. I was concerned when I clicked on your blog having been met with random choices to purchase knock off versions of the LV purse. Glad to read that you're back.
If bagel revised his, please send me a link..his is quite interesting too!
May you and yours have a very peaceful Passover this year!
crusty! :)


Glad to see that you're back.
Let me know if bagel's back as well. I was missing your entries! Was worried when clicking on your site and being met with ads to purchase a knock off of a LV purse.
Keep being you. Ignore the idiots and write.
May you have a blessed Passover!
Glad to see you're back!