Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Iranian Man Burns Neighbours Car For Having Parties

An Iranian man reportedly set a neighbor's luxury car ablaze to stop him from throwing parties and entertaining poorly-veiled women.

"Every night, my neighbor had parties and invited badly-veiled women... I burned his car to teach him a lesson," said the 24-year-old arsonist identified only as Soheil, according to the Etemad-Melli newspaper.

"I had warned him several times but he did not listen," he said after his arrest for torching the 40,000-dollar Japanese Nissan sedan - one of the most coveted cars in Iran.

The man could face six months to three years in jail, the report said. Under Iranian law, people are banned from holding parties with unrelated men and women socializing without respecting the Islamic dress code, which requires women to cover their hair and body.

Police often raid parties and offenders can face lashes and hefty fines.

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