Friday, 24 November 2006

Palestinian Granny Suicide Bomber - Photos

I think everyone has read the stories in newspapers and in blogs over the past day about the Palestinian granny suicide bomber in Gaza, so I won't go into to much detail here again, but I thought I would post these few photos of Fatma Omar An-Najar from before the bombing.

Below: In this photo released by Hamas, Thursday, Nov. 23, Palestinian Fatma Omar An-Najar is seen before carrying out a suicide bombing next to Israeli soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian grandmother blew herself up near Israeli troops in northern Gaza yesterday.

Above: An undated photo shows 57-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber, Fatima al-Nejar. The mother of nine blew herself up near soldiers. (Reuters and AP have between them reported her to be 57, 64 and 68 years old... so take your pick)
An army spokeswoman said soldiers spotted bomber al-Nejar near the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza and threw a stun grenade at her, detonating the device. She was killed and three soldiers were lightly wounded.

Above: Relatives of Fatma Omar An-Najar, grieve at the family house in Jebaliya Thursday, Nov. 23. Hamas claimed responsibility.

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