Wednesday, 10 January 2007

All Th Current Going On's

I know since we came home from Sydney after Amber's heart surgery my blogging has been a little sporadic. I am really hoping to get into a more regular routine of daily blogging again over the next few days.
Right now it has been quite hard for me to blog regularly - you have got to understand, it is school holidays here right now. I think anyone with children knows how hard it is to get anything done around the house when the kids are on school holidays, let alone sit down and concentrate long enough to string a few sentences together with out being interrupted 100 times.
In about 3 weeks time school holidays end and the kids go back to school. This year I will have 2 out of 3 of my girls going to school, things sure will be quiet with just little Ruby following me around the house and helping me with lots of jobs. Who will she argue with if Jade and Amber are not home during the day??

Since we have been back home I have been backwards and forwards to town taking Amber to our local GP for blood tests to check the levels of her medications (and just trying to keep up with her medication too!). She finds it quite traumatic and even started crying in the doctor's surgery waiting room today because she knows when she goes there, it is now for blood tests - which she hates. The best thing about it is that Mum buys her a surprise afterwards to try to smooth things over - which she loves!

Going into town is a real nightmare at the moment as it is peak tourist season and it is just soooo busy. Funny thing is, I don't know many locals in town, but the tourists stick out like sore thumbs, for a start while grocery shopping they ALWAYS have their bathers, sunglasses and straw hats on - rain, hail or shine and they must have sunburn which closely resembles the colour of lobsters (I know, not kosher - but there is not much about this town that is kosher!).
While they are all busy leaving the city to come and enjoy the beautiful sun and surf here, we are heading back to the city this weekend. Amber has an appointment for a post surgery check up, echo and x-ray with the cardiologist. We are booked in at Ronald McDonald House to stay again. I really don't know what we would have done over the past 5 year without being able to stay there. I will also be getting the photos of Amber in hospital developed shortly, which I will be posting. They show all the different stages of her recovery - from arriving in ICU and hour after surgery to 2 weeks later, having her last stiches out. It has been an amazing journey and we have been truly blessed.

Well, its getting late and I am sure the girls will be up in the morning bright and early and all excited about another brand new day to be had, so Mum better be off to bed!

.... Just another day ....

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