Saturday, 13 January 2007

What Is Wrong With Us?

I just can't understand this. Are our police and government completely clueless?

In the past couple of weeks I have posted about a couple of hideous attacks on Sydney Jews. First it was the horrendous murder of 81 year old Katherine Schweitzer who was a survivor of the Holocaust. She was strangled to death in her own security apartment in Bellevue Hill and dumped in her rubbish bin. Then only 2 weeks later I wrote about what appears to be a brutal bashing of Israeli born Nitzan Zerach a Yeshiva student in Bondi, which police initially reported as a 'drunken accident' before being proven wrong by blood tests that showed no alcohol in Nitzans's system.

It is now being reported that New South Wales police have no idea as to who or why Katherine Schweitzer was so brutally murdered. While friends are left baffled by this crime, Detective Inspector Russell Oxford this week suggested it may have been a revenge crime.

"Someone's disgruntled, and has gone to this length. We're starting to look for someone she knew." He told the Australian Jewish News. He appealed to the Jewish community to help his team of investigators, called Operation Strike Force, piece together as much information as they can. Detectives are still interviewing people who may have had access to the Security block, he said, including carers of many of the elderly residents of the building. They are also checking her financial and business records.

So it sounds like they are no closer to finding the killer.

As for the Nitzan Zerach case, they have no idea what has happened with that either. According to the AJN, Detective Inspector Jason Smith, who is in charge of police investigations in the eastern suburbs, told the AJN on Tuesday: "At this stage we don't have enough information to tell us what actually happened. We really don't have a clear picture."

It was also reported that Zerach, who recalls nothing of the incident, was operated on at St Vincent's Hospital last Thursday afternoon, is now in a stable condition, recovering in a ward.

Zerach's family, colleagues and Yeshiva Centre officials are furious at police for initially suspecting Zerach of drunkenness. They insist he did not drink alcohol and say he declined an invitation that evening to join a farbrengen, a traditional Lubavitch l'chaim.

Police had initially claimed that three "almost empty" bottles of whisky in Zerach's room appeared to support their view that alcohol could have been involved. But Yeshiva officials countered that students collect the bottles from the many farbrengens they attend, including every Shabbat. Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, the head of Sydney's Lubavitch community, told the AJN this appeared to be one of the most violent attacks on any of his students. "It just saddens me that a person in our care has had such an incident. It seems obvious he was bashed. There is no chance at all he was intoxicated."

So again, it seems they are no closer to finding out who did this either. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-police at all. I think most times the police do a great job, lets face it it would be a hard job. But considering there has been such a rise in anti-Semitic attacks on Australian Jews, something needs to be done. People need to be held accountable. Something needs to be done to try to stop further attacks and when you have two cases in two weeks where you basically don't know what has happened and certainly don't know who has done it, then there will be more attacks because they are getting away with it.

It is also our government....

The Australian Federal Government claims it is powerless to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir a Muslim group calling for Australia to be taken over as part of an Islamic superstate.

Attorney General Philip Ruddock said yesterday there was not enough evidence to ban the group despite it's continuing call for Australia to become part of a Caliphate or "Khilafah".
The group, has already been banned in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and several Muslim countries because of its alleged links to terrorist groups, but remains free to operate in Australia. Their spokesperson in Australia has openly been encouraging anti-Jewish violence.
Why is our govenment not doing anything about these terrorists running around our country spewing anti-semetic violence and hatred?? They have been circulated pamphlets calling for Israel's destruction and plan on hosting a Sydney conference on the 27th of this month to promote an Islamic takeover although I believe the venue at Blacktown which they booked under a false name has cancelled their booking...
When we have groups like this operating freely in Australia it is no wonder our Jewish community is being beaten and murdered.

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