Friday, 6 January 2012

School Holidays, Beach Trips and Shabbat

School holidays can be so tiring. It's not that we are doing a whole lot, but just having everyone at home at once in a small house it gets crowded and noisy really quickly. By the time 3pm comes around, I need to have an afternoon sleep on the couch! I suppose that has a lot to do with my pregnancy to. I'm looking forward to Monday, I have an appointment for my first ultrasound to see how bub is going and to get a 'due date'. I had a Doctors appointment on Wednesday, he said I'm 9 weeks and due on the 8/8/12, but I'm not sure I'm that far along, I think I may be around 7 weeks.

The past few days the 5 girls and I have just been going out and doing some grocery shopping. Yesterday it was hot (like everyday here!) so we went for a swim in our pool in the morning. The water was cool, but very refreshing. We are supposed to be having a bit of a heatwave here over the next few days so I suppose swimming will be on the cards once again. The funny thing is, we swim a lot in our pool, but we live right on the beach front and although the older girls go down to the beach sometimes, I hardly ever do which means the babies miss out. Yesterday afternoon I decided to take all the girls just down the front to the beach. The 'getting ready' stage took way to long, organising drinks for everyone, getting the babies into their sun safe suits and getting their sunscreen on, getting the older girls ready - it ended up taking about 1/2 an hour. Anyhow, we eventually headed down to the beach and once we got there Topaz cried the whole time and Sapphire didn't want to leave the blanket we were sitting on as she didn't like the sand!! Not a very successful trip. I suppose I couldn't expect to much they are only little and don't go to the beach very often.

Today, I have a lot of cooking planned for Shabbat tonight. One of the things I'm making is one of my favorite meals, Pumpkin Broccoli and Chicken Hot Pot. I'm looking forward to a nice peaceful and relaxing Shabbos with my family. Shabbat Shalom!

.... Just another day ....


Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

I also live by the water and it is a huge deal for moms with little ones. They come packed up like an army going to battle, but each thing they bring is necessary.
Shabbat Shalom , your meal sounds wonderful.

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