Sunday, 1 January 2012

To Step In... or Not?

Every day it amazes me just how fast children grow. I find myself looking at my 3 'older' girls thinking  how it seems like only yesterday that they were tiny, brand new babies, and now, here they are in front of me 8, 10 and almost 12 years old. In that sense, the past 10 years has gone so fast.

Since we live in a fairly quiet and safe area we allow the girls to go out by themselves on their scooters. It teaches them some responsibility.  We have very strict rules that they must follow such as being home on time, staying together at all times, carrying a mobile phone at all times and behaving themselves whilst in public etc.

A couple of days ago, the girls were out on their scooters just down the road on the beach front esplanade. They were just playing and having fun when they saw a little boy aged about 2 or 3 years old running away from his mother, basically just being naughty. They didn't take much notice and continued playing until a few minutes later the same little boy was about to head out onto the road. My eldest daughter Jade stopped him while Amber and Ruby questioned where his mother was. The mother came stomping over and said 'I'm here!' and was really angry and snatched the boy away. The problem was, the girls had just stopped the boy from running onto the road where he could have been hit by a car (it's tourist season here and there's lots of cars around) and instead of showing some appreciation towards the girls for their fast actions, she took her anger that she had for her son running off on her out on the girls! She not only failed to be thankful but was straight up rude.

It seems all to often some people are quick to say there is something wrong with our society - that people just don't care about each other and it's no wonder when some people like this lady react as they do. I think it is fair to say the girls did the right thing and had noone taken action and her child been hit by a car she'd be complaining that noone had stopped him and society doesn't care about each other!

.... Just another day ....

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Batya said...

Your kids are well-raised. That mother must be totally over-stressed.