Saturday, 7 October 2006

We're Back!

First of all, I would like to say thankyou to all who left comments on my last post wishing us luck, it is nice to know your thoughts are with us.
This past week has gone so fast! On Sunday I was still looking on the web for somewhere to stay and finally found a 2 bedroom apartment just around the corner from the Synagogue we will be going to next year. We booked in for 2 nights which ended up being $360 and with some sweet talking from my husband the lady gave us 2 extra nights for free if we cleaned up the appartment before we left!

We ended up leaving here at 5:30am so we would arrive in Sydney at about 11am and we could go shopping for a little while before we could check in at the apartment. We had a good time over the 4 days and did a lot of shopping, met with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin that we have been in contact with since the start of the year and of course the main reason for the whole trip... Amber's appointment with the heart surgeon.

The heart surgeon has informed us that the results from Ambers investigative operation in June are not quite as bad as we first thought. She is booked in for the 11th of December for what is supposed to be her last open heart surgery. This is a bit of a suprise to me as last time I spoke to the Doctors they were talking about putting the surgery off for about 2 years. On Wednesday the Doctor told us that with this operation she will be in intensive care for at least a week, and all the drainage tubes will stay in at least a week also this time. Apparently they don't have to stop her heart for this operation either which is what had to be done last time. So, I feel quite good about that news and hopefully, this will be the last surgery she has to have and next year she will be able to start school without having to miss out on weeks on end because of hospital stays.

It was actually quite hard having to come 'home', I didn't really want to come home - it felt more like home in Sydney. We only have about another 8 months and we will be there to live....Hooray!!

Here are some pictures of the apartment we stayed in.

.... Just another day ....

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