Wednesday, 6 December 2006

At Last Some News!

I have been waiting all morning for the lady from the cardiac department to call and let us know either way whether Amber's surgery had been put off for a week or not. All morning I have wanted to call and ask, but I have shown restraint(!) and not called, she said she would call, so I just needed to be more patient.

Anyhow, at about 1pm today she rang, bearing good and bad news. First up the bad news, Amber's surgery has been put off for another week... the good news is she has re-booked our accommodation at Ronald McDonald House to accommodate the new surgery date - which makes the bad news not so bad! I feel a lot better about it now, at least we know what is going on.

So, now we leave next Thursday the 14th instead of tommorow with the pre-admission clinic next Friday and surgery the following Monday. You all now have the pleasure of listening to me kvetch for another week! Woo hoo! Lucky you.

.... Just another day ....

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