Sunday, 31 December 2006

Home Sweet Home

We are home at last!

Amber is making a good recovery, she is now free from those gory drains she had protruding from her belly. She had the last two taken out on Wednesday. The nurse gave her a sedative 30 minutes before they took the drains out because they were a bit worried about how hard she would fight them while they were trying to remove them. 20 minutes after the sedative... Amber was sitting up in bed chatting, watching TV and colouring in, apparently she was supposed to be a bit sleepy and relaxed! Anyway they decided to go ahead and take the drains out.

I have never seen anything like it before, I have never seen Amber so upset before, it took 5 of us to hold her down while they removed the tubes. She was so strong and fought it so hard - kicking and screaming. It was like something from The Exorcist movie, it was like she was possesed! After a big battle they got the tubes out.

She spent the next couple of days having regular blood tests and being monitored. On Thursday she had more tests - ECG and an Echo to make sure everything was ok before we brought her home. Friday morning she had more blood tests and a chest x-ray - which was clear and we were told we could go home after we collected her 4 different medications from the pharmacy.

It was a very long trip home and when we finally arrived we were all exhausted. I am still unpacking now! I can't believe how much stuff we had packed into our car!

Amber is doing very well considering what she has been through. She has lost a bit of weight and strength, but so far there have been no complications, no signs of infection either! On Tuesday she has to see our GP to have some stitches out, the dressing taken off of her incision, more blood tests and a general check up. And in two weeks time we have to go back to Sydney to see the cardiologist for a check up.

It is so good to be home and have Amber home and well!

.... Just another day ....

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