Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Surgery Date Update

Just a quick update from yesterdays surgery drama. I rang the cardiac department this morning to try and get an answer (they said they would have an answer yesterday but never rang me back).

When I rang she had to ring the surgeons office to find out the answer and said she would ring me back. She rang back about 10 minutes later to tell me there is no news - they are waiting to see how the boy with the cold progresses before they make a decision. They will let us know tommorrow (Wednesday - the day before we are supposed to leave!) It seems they never were going to let us know on Monday like they said they would.

We have explained out situation (about 20 times - my husband is not as passive as I am!) - how much it takes to organise accommodation and how far we have to travel, but it makes no difference at all. They say they understand how hard it is, but I know they have no clue.

Anyway, there is nothing we can do but wait until tommorrow now, it is in their hands.

***** UPDATE *****

Ronald McDonald house have confirmed our accommodation! Thank goodness!
Now we just have to confirm the surgery date tommorrow.

.... Just another day ....

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