Saturday, 2 December 2006

Words I Really Don't Like

I really don't like to use the word 'hate' when speaking about someone, I feel that it is such a strong word, so even though I would like to in this post I won't. I will use another word such as:

I dislike the amount of time our landlord spends at this property.

I dislike that whenever I go out the door he is in my face.

I dislike that whe I get in my car he stands there and stares at me waiting for me to wave 'hello'.

I dislike that everytime I go outside to do something I hear 'Hello Danielle' and have to respond - no matter what my mood may be at the time.

I dislike that he said he wouldn't be here very often when we signed our lease.

I dislike that he feels it is ok to come into our backyard whenever he likes.

I dislike that since I started keeping a record he has been here 11 out of the last 14 days.

I dislike that he invades our privacy and our space.

I dislike that he hasn't installed the fire alarms that became law 9 months ago.

I dislike that he hasn't fixed the leaking roof we have complained about for 4 years.

I dislike his attitude towards us and that he is a control freak.

I dislike that he still has his mail sent here - to the same letterbox as ours so he sees everything we get sent.

I dislike the fact that even though he won't fix things/install the fire alarms he will still try to ask for a hefty rent increase in June. (they don't know we are moving yet)

I dislike that whoever we talk to in this poxy little town is a friend of his and therefore every word we say about anything goes straight back to him.

I dislike that everyone in this town thinks he is so wonderful - because he is not when you have to basically live with him in your face.

I dislike I feel like I do and he has such an effect on me.

I dislike him being here ALL the time and I wish he would go away.

.... Just another day ....

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