Thursday, 12 April 2007

**JPix Carnival** - The 5th Edition!!

Manhattan In Winter- Golden Path by New York Minute

Welcome to the 5th edition of JPix!

I am quite excited and honoured to be hosting this edition of JPix, I hope you all enjoy it and also discover a few new bloggers you had not previously come across before.

JPix is a fortnightly carnival started by BagelBlogger, for Jewish bloggers and the photos they take. So if you're Jewish and you have photos you want to share, wether they be family, historical, art, funny, quirky, whatever, make sure you get them into the next edition of JPix!

Previous editions of JPix can be found here, 1st edition - hosted by BagelBlogger, 2nd edition - hosted at BagelBlogger, 3rd edition - hosted by Me-Ander and the 4th edition - hosted by Life-of-Rubin.

There have been quite a lot of submissions this fortnight, so firstly thankyou to all the people who have submitted photos/posts and secondly I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

The photos featured here in this post are just a small sample of what you will see in the bloggers posts - you need to click on the links to see all the photos!

Now, lets get straight into it!

Batya from Me-Ander shares with us 'Signs of Pesach in The Air' - looks like the kids were having a great time!

Batya also takes us on a trip to replace the old Pesach kettle in 'Pesach so Far' which has a lovely photo of her husband making charoset too!

A Mother In Israel shows us some photos of her gorgeous children the family photos included in her post 'Pesach Scenes'.

Chaim over at Life-Of-Rubin has some great pics in his post 'Chag Sameach! Boro Park Chometz Fire Pics!' - pop over and have a look!

Now we can't have Pesach without Matzah!
David over at Temunot has some great photos from the visit he made to the Charedim Shmurah Matzah Bakery in Boro Park.... 'Hot, Fresh Shmurah Matzah'!

David also shares with us 'Chesed, Pizza and Celebrity', a series of photos in which he and his family participated in the 'Adopt A Soldier' program.
Among the photos is a beautiful snap of his daughter presenting the coupon to the soldier for a large pizza and large soda!

Rafi G from Life In Israel has been busy at 'Pesach Softball', and what a win! Congratulations!
He has obviously been quite busy over Pesach as he also went to the Kotel twice during Hol Hamoed to daven 'vasikin'. His photos are incredible, check them out!

Mottel's photos over at Letters of Thought brought a real smile to my face when I saw them... check him out playing the part of Moses in his 'Exodus Photos'.

Mottel also shares some incredible photos in his post 'Windows of Vilnius: My Third Pesach in Lithuania'.

cG over at Zora has posted some beautiful photos of the family seder in the post Oh, it's been too long....
Super cute little Zora is now 3 months old as of Friday, check her Progress report!

Jacob presents us with WTF?!?! Guy shlepping 9-foot cross, a strange sight he came across at the entrance of Jaffe Gate posted over at Jacob Da Jew. I must say, when I saw it, my first thought was 'oh no... not again'.

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Evan from Planet Israel decided it was too nice a day to stay inside so got on his bike and went for a ride taking some snaps showing us the beautiful scenes around Pisgat Zeev.

There is almost 20 photos to see so make sure you pop over and take a look, while you are there be sure to have a look at his series of photo posts on Sderot, The Qassams, Attack and Response, Life Under the Rockets, and The Spirit of Sderot.

The photos he has posted say more than words ever could, these posts are a must see and bring an awareness to what daily life in Sderot is really like and what the people there face everyday.

Kumah also presents us with an indepth photo essay on Sderot; 'Sderot - Kassam Battered, But Still Blossoming - Photo Essay', as with the above posts on the topic, this too is a must see, there are heaps of really interesting photos posted, so make sure you check it out.

Batya from Me-Ander has been up and out of bed early with her 'Dawn Again' photos which are truly stunning, she also has had an 'Unexpected Visitor' ... wonder who it is?!... well, it is 'Springtime For Sure' and it looks like it is the 'Best Spring In A Long Time' too!

So you had better go have a look at Batya's photos - she also shares with us more great photos with us in 'The Good, the Bad and Then Back To The Kitchen'.
Over at Shiloh Musings Batya has posted New pictures of Chomesh from Yonathan Gormezano, amazing scenes.

Cosmic X gives us the Heads Up with this great shot of the Azrielli Towers and also the Klezmer Band At The Entrance To The Azrielli Towers.

Irina over at The IG Nobel Experiment has posted some beautiful photos that she took at Macy's Flower Show in her post 'Of Clients and Flowers'.

To pick a single photo post of Mandi's from Tel Aviv Daily Photo is just impossible - would it be Patriotic Car, Interesting Architecture, Israeli Island?? or maybe, Beatles Spotted in Tel Aviv, Jaffa Market or what about Sculpture, Summer Time or Flower Power?
I don't know which one to tell you to have a look at so you better just have a look at all of them!

Psycho Toddler, apparently known as the 'video gamer' of the Jblogosphere presents us with with us Hail to the King, Baby! which includes a very cute photo of a young PT.

Mr Bagel gives some insight to life in rural Australia and the pathetic services we recieve in The Joys of no Electricity: Or What to do when the Electricity goes out.

And to finish off another fine edition of JPix we will go back right to where we started, with New York Minute, and their stunning photo at the top of this post. They have some great photos over at their blog and seem to post new photos every couple of days, certainly worth a look.

Well, that's it for the 5th edition of JPix, I hope you have enjoyed it. Thankyou to BagelBlogger. If you would like to host an edition on your blog click here to contact BagelBlogger. It is really quite easy and fun to host!

And don't forget to submit your photo posts to be in the next edition of JPix!!


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You did a wondeful job!
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Thanks for the link!

Wonderful job!

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Muse: Thanks! And you are very welcome! :D

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Really well done. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks Rafi, Cos, Jacob, I hope you guys enjoy!


R said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Baleboosteh. Can I ask how you found our blog in the first place?
-Rachel (Zora's mom)

Sultan Knish said...

I never knew so many of the bloggers here were talented photographers too

Mr Bagel said...

Well done BB, from the other BB.

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Great job . . . but you should have put your great pics from the Country Mail Box Photo Series in as well!

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Baleboosteh said...

Rachel: I found your blog when I was doing a Passover search in blogger... I think! I hope you don't mind that I included you guys.

Sultan Knish: They are indeed! It is great to see.

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Thanks all for your comments, I reall appreciate them.

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Beautiful compilation, Baleboosteh - and great new look on the top of the blog! Hope everyone's well!

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Beautiful job! I loved seeing all the pictures!