Monday, 19 February 2007

Busted! Nosey Neighbours Caught Spying!

Our lounge room is made of mostly glass along the side which overlooks our backyard. Just after dinner when I was deciding between blogging tonight about Anna Nicole Smith and the continuing saga over her 5 month old daughter, Britney Spears' newly shaved head and erratic behaviour, or closer to home - Sylvester Stallone who was detained for several hours at Sydney Airport yesterday, after officials found 'prohibited items' in his luggage... hmmm, 'which one' I thought....

I was walking through our lounge room contemplating which one when I felt someone watching me. I looked out the window and one of our nosey neighbours was hiding on the otherside of the wire farm fence in amongst the green bushes looking at me. I quickly ran downstairs and grabbed my camera. Slowly and quietly I went out the back sliding door and crept up on my side of the fence to take some photos of the snoops in action. Here is the first culprit:

Ahh, yes, busted! Then as I moved along the fence a bit more there were more, they obviously have no shame:

They quickly turned around and headed off when I started taking their photos, I think they were wondering what I was up to!

Off to gossip about what they had seen over our side of the fence I am sure... I wonder if they think the grass is greener on this side of the fence??

So there you have it, nosey neighbours busted in action! :D

Now you may think that I have totally lost the plot - that's what my husband thinks!

.... Just another day ....

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