Monday, 5 February 2007

Jade's 7th Birthday

Aaron is finally home from hospital, although I am not totally sure he is well enough to be home. It turns out he has had a golden staph infection in his leg, it has been pretty nasty. He went into hospital with a leg infection and got the golden staph from the hospital. Anyway he is home and resting and slowly recovering now.

It was Jade's 7th Birthday on Friday. She was very excited of course, but also a bit disappointed that her Dad was still in hospital and wouldn't be home for her Birthday. She opened her presents in the morning before school. Apparently she had a good day at school, but then again when doesn't she?? When she came home we had a big chocolate Birthday cake for her - we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday to her before Shabbat started.
I took some photos to show Aaron when he came home from hospital but they didn't really come out very well which was a bit disappointing.

It is so quiet at home now with Jade and Amber at school, it is amazing how much work I can get done and how tidy the house now stays.

.... Just another day ....

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