Monday, 18 June 2007

Free Gilad Shalit - A New Blog

Almost a year has past now and still there is no word of the release of Gilad Shalit, who as we all know to well was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists on the 26th June 2006.

Mr Bagel has started a new group blog - Free Gilad Shalit. So far, there are a few authors including Evan, Elaine, Muse, Rafi G, Jerusalem Joe, Meryl Yourish, Mr Bagel and myself.

The site will be dedicated to news, stories and pictures about freeing Gilad. If you've written a poem, or short story and would like to publish on the site please send your copy to GiladShalitFree or send an email to join the blogroll of people who actively support Freeing Gilad Shalit.

Gilad Shalit's kidnapping and captivity is simply not a priority to mainstream world media anymore, some people have forgotten, some people are more focused on other terrorist kidnappings such as that of the BBC reporter, hopefully this site will help bring back awareness to some and remind people that Gilad is still, 12 months later, being held against his will.

Please do have a look at the site, feel free to join the blogroll, add the small banner to your blog sidebar or leave a comment.

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MizEllie said...

Excellent idea and kudos to you all.


I'll be bannering it later on today.
You're absolutely right, if people stop thinking, what good does that do?
Have a great day!

hearth tablets said...

Im glad that there is a site like this out now. Gilad should be freed. Its a one year aniversary of his capture. Its horrible for him and his family. Israel has been through so much as a country too. Its time that Olmert does the right thing.

I added the Free Gilad Shalit banner to my site also. D my one year is coming up quite fast also. Scary thought as to what happened through out the year. Ouch. Later HT.

Ari said...

It is good to see a site like this, kudos to all authors involved.
I pray everyday he will be released unharmed very soon.

Morgana said...

Good for people to know.