Sunday, 3 June 2007

Do The Right Thing

'Do The Right Thing', Taken at the local primary school

My one week blogging break is over, it was actually really good too, not that I did anything really exciting, but it was nice to be away from my blog and the blogosphere for a while. I actually felt happier last week not blogging than I have been feeling while blogging. I did manage to get a few mundane chores done though which is good. I also went out a bit and took some photos too, which I will hopefully post some time in the near future.

The only thing that happened that is really worth talking about is that Amber had an appointment with her heart specialist last week. It is a 3 hour drive to get there, which is a long way with little kids, and of course then it is another 3 hours back again. The good news is that she is off another of the medications she was put on after her heart surgery and by the end of this month will be off all the medications she was put on last December. She will only be on Asprin and will stay on it, basically forever. Her specialist was very pleased with how she is going, thank goodness!

The other thing I want to remind people about is that JPix is due up at Letters Of Thought this Thursday the 7th of June. If you have posted anything with photos you have taken and would like to submit it to be included in JPix, you can submit it here. If you don't submit your articles, they may not be included so it is important to remember to submit!

We are also looking for a host for the next edition of JPix, so if you are interested in hosting on the 21st June please let us know here. I can't host the next JPix as I have already committed to hosting KCC on that day.

As for todays photos, there is no other reason that I am posting photos of rubbish bins other than I loved the colour of them, they were taken at my daughters school and I thought they looked cute all lined up together and all painted lime green!

.... Just another day ....


Maureen said...

Welclome back!
I am so happy for Amber (and you and bagel, of course) That is such wonderful news.
I am glad your break was a good one for you. Blog only when YOU fee like it. We can take it!
Are you still planning on moving?

Thomas Forsyth said...

I am glad that you have returned to the blogosphere and happy to hear of Amber's med reduction.

TonyF said...

Hey hey
Good to see you back, i just wish you would answer my emails occassionally?!? Whats goin on with you girl? I am getting worried bout you, you still using same email?

Drop me a line when you can, I have some news for you.


ps. nice pics you have been putting up

Baleboosteh said...

Maureen: Thanks, we were happy to hear Amber is going well. Yes, we are still moving, but don't ask exactly when! :D

Thomas: Thanks, she is doing really well thank goodness! :D

Tony: Thanks. I haven't recieved any emails from you! Are you using my private email or baleboostehATgmailDOTcom? My private email is not reliable so it is best to use the gmail one. I would love to hear your news! I hope it is good! :D

LittleBirdies said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well!


G-d Blessings regarding Amber!
Many many "Mazzies!"


TonyF said...

Excuses excuses :P
I've sent you another to the baleboosteh address. I know i haven't been around computerland much but i have missed you over the last few weeks. Looking forward to catching up.

Good to see little Amber is doing ok


RaggedyMom said...

So glad to hear about Amber's wonderful progress!

MizEllie said...

Wonderful news about Amber! So glad to hear she's doing well.