Monday, 18 June 2007

Melbourne's Flinders Lane Shooting

It is days like this I am glad we live in the country. Since we moved away from living as inner city as you possibly could in Sydney, the city has become a very scary place - so many more violent robberies, car jacking's and shootings including drive by's, which were basically unheard of when we lived in the city 7 years ago.

This morning there was a shooting in Melbourne CBD. Three people were shot, a woman and two men. Apparently the gunman grabbed the woman out of a taxi by the neck and hair when two by standers came to her aid, they along with the woman, were all shot at point blank range. One man, a 43 year old lawyer died at the scene, while the woman and other man were critically injured and underwent surgery today.
Police believe the 24 year old woman knew the gunman and it was a domestic related attack, not random. The gunman is said to have fled the scene up Flinders Street towards the Flinders Street train station. Police cordoned off a number of streets, but if he got on one of those trains at Flinders Street he would have been out of the area in minutes.

I have been reading about it and watching the news a lot today. I know incidents like this one can happen anywhere, but, it just makes me think how lucky we are here to not have to worry so much about things like that when we go down the street here in our quiet little country town... hence today's 'country shots'.

.... Just another day ....


Maureen said...

What is it that can make a person have absolutely no regard for life? What can cause someone to have so little self-respect that they have no respect for anyone else? It saddens me so much.
Thanks for the beautiful pictures to bring some perspective back.

RaggedyMom said...

Terrible news story - - and I'm glad you and yours are so far from it all.

haKiruv said...

That's a sad story.

I didn't realize Australia was so lush looking. It looks a lot like southern Indiana where I live.

Is that a Koala sign?

Baleboosteh said...

Maureen, it is hard to understand what he was thinking.

Raggedy, me too!

hakiruv, it is very lush here at the moment, we have had a fair bit of rain. The sign is a wombat sign, we get them crossing the roads occassionally and they are very dangerous to hit in a car, besides killing the wombat they do a huge amount of damage to your car - kind of like hitting a giant rock.