Monday, 4 June 2007

Water Under The Bridge

Just thought I would post a few photos which I took last week while I was in town. This is not the two head town I live in, it is the next town along - the 'much bigger' town of a whopping 3000 people rather than 300 people.

This 'much bigger' town is actually really pretty and is really, really, busy during summer with loads of tourists around. This is the town that we actually wanted to live in when we first planned on moving down here from Sydney, but it is really hard to find rental properties here so we moved to where we are now. I think our experience of living down here would have been a whole lot different if we had have moved to this 'bigger' town - it seems to be a whole different world to the town we live in. Won't be long now before we are out of here anyway.

Even though it is winter now and the water in the photos above is quite dark blue and look freezing, during the warmer months the water is an incredible bright turquiose colour and is always crystal clear, really beautiful. I remember the first time I went across this bridge while on holidays from Sydney 7 years ago. It was the turquoise water that made me think how beautiful it was here and how nice it would be to live here and raise children.

In the past 7 years I have driven across this bridge soooo many times and even when the weather is cold and the water dark, it is still always really beautiful.

.... Just another day ....


LittleBirdies said...

I really does look pretty.


YEA!! You're back! Hope you had a good blogweek off.
The trash cans are cute...very friendly..
and the pic of the bridge is beautiful..if that's what winter looks like, I'm moving out there!

Scraps said...

Wow, the pictures are really beautiful. I wish I could see it for myself...

TonyF said...

very pituresque, Australia sure is a beautiful place