Friday, 8 June 2007

Paris Hilton Should Be Sent Back To Jail...

Paris Hilton Should Be Sent Back To Jail...

and that is about all I can manage to say with out getting totally annoyed about the whole saga. Sent home from jail after only 72 hours of her sentence is just unbelieveable.

I read that she has another court appearence at 9am pacific time Friday, I hope the judge returns her to jail to serve the remainder of her sentence just like any other 'normal', non celebrity would have to. What a joke this makes of the justice system!

Anyway, that is all I will say about it or else I will go on a hour long rant. It seems there are a lot of people who disagree with her being released, here are some of the comments from readers of Sydneys Daily Telegraph.

"Paris has been crying on the phone, saying she's not sleeping or eating. Paris says her cell is 'freezing cold'. She has three little blankets and no pillow. She's using one of the blankets as a pillow. The room is bright and jail noise echoes through her space," What the hell did she expect??!!!!!! Its' JAIL.. What a princess.

Posted by: Krissy K of ACT 10:53am today

Money talks, nothing new there. But do the US authorities realise what a precedent they have set? Every spoilt rich kid or Hollywood starlet will throw a hissy fit each time they get booked and get away scot free. What if she breaks the rules yet again and goes off driving and this time kills some poor unfortunate soul? Will the surname and daddy's money save her again? She should go back into the jail cell and be treated like every other inmate there. Her sobbing and cracking up only shows what a hollow, shallow and weak person she is... Her parents should spend their money getting the best shrink in the US to straighten their brat's brains out instead of buying her yet nother expensive toy. Michelle, Sydney

Posted by: Michelle of Sydney 10:46am today

How does Paris Hilton rock???? She's a skank who's only fame has been an absolute farce of a tv show, a sex tape, and a disgusting beer advert. If she had killed people whilst driving drunk, would she get the same compassion from you??? It's not that I'm surprised that she got off easy, I just can't believe how anyone would think she rocks.

Posted by: rob of sydney 10:45am today

She is an embarassment to the human race.

Posted by: Grant of Brisbane 10:45am today

Nobody should be above the law!

Posted by: James of Hornsby 10:35am today

She should recieve the same treatment/sentence as any other person would.

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Maureen said...

Dear Paris,
My cousin Leah was killed by a drunk driver 5 weeks ago. You could have been driving the car that killed her. You complain about the conditions. Poor thing. At least you have your life and in 23 days you would have had your freedom, you spoiled little witch. Leah has no more conditions. Serve your time, shut up and get some help. Prison offers help to those that will take it.
Off my soapbox now.

Indigo Red said...

I live in Orange County, California, bordering LA County. The Paris Hilton news plays 24/7, so I'm all too familiar with waht's going on.

Paris is to be picked-up and transported to court in a police vehicle in the morning. The sentencing judge had included in his original ruling that Paris was not to be allowed alternative facilities, i.e., could not serve anywhee but jail.

The LA County Sheriff, Lee Baca, overstepped his authority by releasing her and may face comtempt-of-court charges. He not only released the little twirp without authority, but he didn't even bother telling the District Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo. He heard of the reassignment just like everyone else - on the newsbroadcasts.

You know, people are very upset about the whole bungled up mess. Paris had her license temporarily suspended, then she drove and was caught. What most folks don't know is that she was caught two times driving under suspension and was verbally warned by the officers. She even had the suspension agreement in the glovebox with her signature on it. She was then stopped a third time which got her taken to court.

Paris is a spoiled rich brat who developed a rash in jail, wasn't sleeping, wasn't eating, and the noise from the other prisoners was filtering into her space, so they let her out. I would bet she was not the only prisoner who had a rash. She surely wasn't the only one annoyed by the constant noise, or the bad food. Shall we let them all go? That would only be fair.

Living in Canberra said...

Poor Paris. A couple of days and she's crying sick, unable to cope with it. She needs to, in the words of Chopper Read (at least the comedy TV version) "harden the f*** up".

projgen said...

There was some celebrity recently who got arrested for drunk driving, and totally shrugged it off saying, "it's just one of those things."

Like, when you're famous, it's just one of those things to break the law and not get punished. What's a few thousand fine when you're rolling in dough?

It looks like Paris might be going back. The judge who originally sentenced her was adamant about no home restrictions or ankle bracelet, and apparently he is pissed that the sherrif let her out. Yummy.

marsha said...

she needs to spend her time in jail. Not at home on a vacation!!!!!


I'm so glad she was sent back there..whiney spoiled bitch. (Sorry for the words, but this "broad" really aggrevates me-as you already know.)
Grow up, face your mistakes and shut up. Like Maureen said...there are children, sons, daughters,mothers, fathers, people that are losing their lives because of careless spoiled girls such as herself.

The media should be ashamed of themselves for the constant attention..I mean, you'd think she murdered someone with all of the broadcasts.."Paris not eating.." "Paris not appealing.."
Has any of these publishers thought about the soldiers dying?
hmmm, I think not.

Baleboosteh said...

Maureen, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin Leah, I think this really drives home the importance of 'commit the crime, do the time'.

Indigo, thanks for filling us in with the details - there are so many elements to this saga!

Living In Camberra, Ha Ha Ha, Chopper is a crack - the one on the TV comedy series I mean!

Projen, it is good to see her back in jail, she should be treated just like anyone else would be!

Marsha, Definatly!

Crusty, I am hearing you! Loved your Paris post btw :D

Thakyou all for your comments - all of you have great points, I think this is far more serious than many people realise... people, innocent people get killed by drunk drivers.

Sharon said...

I believe she is out now??