Sunday, 27 May 2007


I must admit, I am a bit 'over' blogging right now. I don't know that it is as simple as loosing interest, I just feel that right now I have far more important things going on in 'real life' that need more attention and are more important than my blog. Although over the past 11 months of blogging I have met many lovely genuine people, there are many aspects of blogging I just can't be bothered with and sometimes blogging is not as fun as it should be.

Before anyone asks, this is not a goodbye, you can't get rid of me that easily. This is just a post to say I will be back in a week or so... it is all about priorities, and spending time with my girls is far more important than spending time in front of the, I have some other work to do at the moment too.

So until then, see you later.

.... Just another day ....


MizEllie said...

What? Blogging isn't your life?! ;-)

Enjoy your sabbatical. We will miss you!

RaggedyMom said...

Enjoy your family and your break!

LittleBirdies said...

I'll miss you--though I understand...

Maureen said...

I am sorry you are a bit disenchanted with the blogosphere right now. I totally understand. I do read your blog everyday, but, am usually just a lurker! I will miss your postings and photos, but those darling daughters are far more important. Spend all the time you can with them while they are young, they grow up so fast.

I will keep looking for and anticipating your return.

Be well and enjoy YOUR time!
Visit me if you feel like reading, but not typing!! (although I too haven't been updating to frequently!)

Baleboosteh said...

MizEllie: It is hard to say, it is not - hard to believe too considering how much time I spend blogging! :D

Raggedy: I will, thankyou :)

Littlebirdies: Thanks, I will be back soon enough I am sure! :D

Maureen: Don't be a lurker so often, you know I love to hear what you have to say!!
I will enjoy my time away from blogging - although I will probably spend most of it cleaning up anyway! :D

Thankyou all - you guys are good friends, and please know I will be checking in on you even if I am not posting myself at the moment.


awww...Baleboosteh, Enjoy the time off but hurry back. I love your blog.
Hope the weather isn't chilly, yet.

muse said...

I understand. You're right.
But are you still doing the next kcc?

marsha said...

NOthing wrong with getting away for a while. Take care of your family. We will be here when you return. Take your time...don't rush.

frumhouse said...

I hear you, woman! It's hard to be everything to everyone - superwife, supermom, supercareergal, and superblogger!

Enjoy the break - I will be breaking with you in the next few weeks! :)

mother in israel said...

Enjoy your break! I sometimes go through stages where I get tired of blogging, but so far I've come back. I always have something to say. . .

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Was it something I said? :)

Baleboosteh said...

Crusty: Thankyou, you are such a sweetheart :D

Muse: Of course I will still do KCC! Wouldn't miss out on that!

Marsha: Thankyou. It has been really nice so far :)

Frumhouse: Lol! You know what I am talking about! I hope your break won't be too long!

Mother In Israel: Thankyou, I will. And like you, I always have plenty to say too! :D

JBM: Yes, it is all your fault!... Lol! Nah, just joking! :D

Avromi said...

You have a wonderful husband, that's for sure - enjoy your family.

Mottel said...

A smart move.
Blogging should be fun and innovative, the second it becomes a distraction or a pain, take a break.
Just come back in time for me to host J-pix!