Thursday, 10 May 2007

Show Some Respect Jack

I obviously need to make this crystal clear as Jack doesn't seem to be getting the message.

Jack left a comment on my post "A Piece Of My Mind - JIB Finalists" yesterday, part of which said this:

"It is the equivalent of two 14 year-old boys fighting about who has the bigger winky.

I have seen more impressive work from monkeys flinging crap at the wall. Go ahead and keep up the little circle jerk, this mutual masturbation is ever so impressive.

Better yet keep taking time out of running big impressive companies to argue on message boards about who craps bigger."

I am highly offended by this comment. In response and for the second time I politely ask him to to keep his negative talk on his own blog:

it is obvious we don't see eye to eye on the topic of Ploni - and that is fine.

But, to come here and talk in the manner you have on my personal blog using the language you have and the discriptors you have shows a lack of judgement you are becoming famous for.

I don't care that we disagree on points, but keep your sewer talk on your own blog.


Instead of realising his mistake in speaking in the disgusting and disrespectful manner he did on my blog (keeping in mind I am a woman not one of the boys) and doing the right thing about it and apologising he chose to respond with this:

"Actually I suspect that the reason you are upset is because it is an entirely accurate portrayal of the immature behavior of some regarding the JIBs."

No, Jack, that is not it at all. As I said I don't like the language you have used, the attitude you have displayed or the total and utter disrespect you have shown me on my blog.

I am offended by you, your language and the fact you couldn't even bring yourself to apologise. My husband would never ever speak in the manner you have around me so why should I put up with it from you. How would you would feel Jack, if your wife had a blog and some guy who you don't even know was leaving comments like yours? I suspect you wouldn't be very happy.

The whole thing makes me feel quite ill and very uncomfortable, especially now that I know Jack is not who he says he is.

I am now asking you Jack, publicly, to stay away from me and my blog. You are not welcome here anymore, any comment you leave will be removed.

For anyone who would like to read the article and comments in full - it was quite a 'discussion', go here.


To my regular readers, I hope to be back to normal postings tomorrow, but for now, I just don't feel in the mood for blogging, sorry. I have also had to turn comment moderation on again, I know it is annoying so I am sorry about that, but I am sick of the filth comments being left.

.... Just another day ....


Anonymous said...

He should have apologized. This is not the first time.

Cosmic X said...

I must admit that the thread on the previous post saddened me.

Dear Jbloggers!

What in the world has happened to us? I must be missing something but I just do not understand all of the passions that the various jblog awards arouse. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Blogging is supposed to be a positive avenue for personal expression. I implore all to remember that dirty language, whether pronounced vocally or written down is a big no-no according to Judaism (it is called nibul peh. The prohibition of lashon hara is well known and I don't think that I need to elaborate. If we are using this great gift of speech in an improper fashion we have fallen lower than the level of the cow that just says "Moo moo".

Is anyone listening?

Jack's Shack said...

Blah, blah, blah. If you had any integrity you would have been evenhanded in your treatment of David and myself.

You haven't the foggiest idea about the situation there, but that is ok. I don't expect this to show up in the comments but I figured that I'd leave you a quick note.

This is your issue, your deal to react or over react too.

Respond however you choose. Just know that your inconsistent and biased position has been noted by more than one person. And since you seem to care what people think that should be enough to help you do better next time.

Have a good shabbos, I am out of here.

Baleboosteh said...

"Just know that your inconsistent and biased position has been noted by more than one person"

Is that by one of your famous private emails to 50 people Jack? Who cares!

For a start don't threaten me, I am not scared of you, I am not intimidated by you and I certainly don't care what you think.

To be honest I am not interested in whatever you and David have going on, that is between you and him and I am sick of hearing about it. That is not the issue here.

The fact is Jack, you still can't even bring yourself to be a man and apologise for the language you used on my blog. It's about time you learnt some manners and leart how to treat women with respect isn't it?

How many times do you need to be told to leave me alone? You have hung around my blog like a bad smell over the past 24 hours.

Put simply Jack, go away and get a life, the one you have is obviously pretty pathetic.

Oh and thanks for another unwanted comment, you just continue to prove me right.

Jack's Shack said...

Let's get something straight. You devoted an entire post to me. I didn't ask you to do so. It was your decision to make this public.

You could have easily contacted me behind the scenes, but you failed to do so.

Is that by one of your famous private emails to 50 people Jack?

I don't send out mass emails. But you seem to think otherwise. In America we have a phrase, put up or shut up. Provide proof of such an email.

The fact is Jack, you still can't even bring yourself to be a man and apologise for the language you used on my blog. It's about time you learnt some manners and leart how to treat women with respect isn't it?

Look it is clear from your Happy Birthday post that you have some trouble dealing with people who disagree with you.

If I deigned to spend more than two minutes typing this I could provide a retort that would completely eviscerate you. I did not do so because I don't want to make you look any worse than you already do.

You did take a biased and inconsistent position here. You didn't make this a private affair. You made it public.

Not only did you make it public but you brought innuendo into this. We have already seen that you have a proclivity for hysteria. Remember that little thing where you deleted your blog.

Again, if you had approached me privately this could have been handled differently. Your decision to try and make this a public affair created a whole new dynamic.

If you have any sechel you'll think about this.

Baleboosteh said...

You have tried to refocus, reshape, shift the blame and totally change the issue.

All to avoid apologising.

This was already public as it was in the comment thread, along with the previous clear requests by me for you not to bring negativity on to my blog. You ignored that and even upped the anti and came back with foul language about masturbation and circle jerking and other things.

You made it public Jack, not me, you are responsible for your comments.

Still you have failed to apologise.

You accuse me of having: "a proclivity for hysteria" which may suit your purpose; which is to attack me, discredit me, and through 'innuendo' imply I'm just a 'hysterical woman'.

Well your right Jack, I am just a woman, a woman who asked you nicely not to leave your negativity on my blog, a woman who isn't use to having to fend of attacks from some one such as yourself.

I'd like to point out though Jack, your accusations of me having a 'proclivity for Hysteria' contrast rather better in comparison for your lack of ability to control your emotions, and not come back as an angry reprobate seeking some sort of fantasized revenge.

This is now the 5th request for you to leave me alone and stop visiting my blog.

No further comments from you will be read or published.