Saturday, 12 May 2007

'JIB Chatter' - New Discussion Site

This is a bit of a mixed up post tonight, there are a few things going on, so here goes....

Firstly, I would like to let everyone know that there is a new blog open 'JIB Chatter'. If you have something you would like to say about the JIBs feel free to pop over and take a look - it will also be a good place to check out the opinions of others on the JIBs.

Some people may feel uncomfortable talking about what they really think of the JIB's on their own blog, so this is a great place to go and say what you think. Another great benefit of this site is that you can catch up on the latest voting results in real time and also the latest JIB articles in the Jblogosphere. Click here to go and have a say. JIB Chatter is also accessible via BagelBlogger (JIB Chatter button in top menu of Bagels home page).

Certainly worth checking out...


The other thing is JPix. Jpix is up over at Temunot, David has done a wonderful job, it is a enormous and it is certainly a must see. So if you haven't already had a look, go over and check it out! Well done David!

Now for some more normal everyday news... Later this month Jade's class is travelling almost 3 hours away to one of the major regional centres for a poetry competition. Her year 2 class has made it to the state final with a poem they wrote. She is very excited about the whole thing so hopefully they will do really well. The poem they wrote is about a moth being caught by a Willy Wagtail - hence today's moth photos.

The photos of the moth were taken from my kitchen window, the moth was stuck on the window glass - the first photo was taken from inside the house and the second was from outside.

.... Just another day ....


Batya said...

a group poem
what an interesting idea
I wish them luck!

Baleboosteh said...

Hi Batya, apparently the whole class came up with ideas and wrote the poem...although I think their teacher played a big part in shaping the whole thing! :D