Thursday, 3 May 2007

Fire In The Sky

We had the most amazing sunset here last night behind the hills just over the otherside of the river. The colours went from really pretty yellow, pink, purple and blues to such an intense red colour as it got darker - just like the colour of fire. It was the most red I have probably ever seen the sky in my whole life.

These are some of the photos I took, they have only been resized since taking them off my camera - they have not been played with in Photoshop AT ALL!!

Sorry there is so many photos, but the colours were so incredible I had to post a few to show the colours as the sun went down. After all, I nearly burnt the chicken I was cooking for dinner at the time when I noticed the sky and ran outside with my camera, so I really should make you see them all! LOL!

I will also be posting later today about our real estate inspection yesterday morning, so stay tuned!

.... Just another day ....


David Linn said...

That shot through the trees is unbelievable, I've just set it as my wallpaper.

Ezzie said...

WOW. Stunning shots.

A Simple Jew said...


Josh said...

Wow. Excellent photographs. What kind of camera were you using? What kind of exposure?


WOW! I have goosebumps!! You're an excellent photographer...I'd be very interested in buying those photo's off of you..thoughts? Wonder what the shipping costs would be from you to me Aust to USA CHICAGO, IL..let me know..I'm very serious!!

Scraps said...

Gorgeous pictures!

The Babka Nosher said...

Amazing photos! Don't apologize for the quantity... the pictures are breathtaking!

Baleboosteh said...

David, it is a good shot - enjoy looking at it on you desktop! Lol!

Ezzie, thanks, it was an amazing sight.

ASJ, thankyou! :D

Josh, it is a new little Kodak digital, nothing fancy - we have already been there, we brought one of the first digital cameras that came out, it was a Ricoh, it cost us almost $2000 at the time. Since technology changes and updates so quickly we decided to just get something reasonably priced this time!

Crusty, email me and we'll talk business - lol! :D


Scraps, thanks! :D

Babka, thanks. What I actually meant to say was that the colour in the photos had not been pumped up in photoshop (which is an image editing program).
It was a sunset I have never seen anything like before :D

Mottel said...