Monday, 14 May 2007

My Little Helper

Mondays always feel like such busy days to me. I think it is because I feel a real need to give the house a really good clean up with the girls back at school after the weekend. The girls, like all children I suppose seem to make so much mess, although when they are asked to clean up they always do a great job. There is nothing worse than when they get out something to play with, get bored of it, leave it there and just get something else out. They know they are to pack it up before moving onto the next thing to play with.

With my Monday morning urge to have a good clean up becoming a regular occurrence, this morning when I woke up, little Ruby led me around to her bedroom to proudly show me she was already working on the clean up! Her room was spotless, especially considering she is only 3 years old and had done all the work herself!

Ruby seems to be becoming a real little helper, whether it is cleaning the bedrooms, putting dishes away, sweeping the floor, folding washing or even hanging wet washing, she is always there to help her Mum.

.... Just another day ....


RaggedyMom said...

It sort of still amazes me that we're winding down the weekend here and you're already in the full swing of Monday.

Ruby seems like a great helper! I was hoping that I wasn't being too demanding on my kids erev Shabbos by having them dust the low spots, but they really do enjoy having a stake in the housework. And it's great that you can dry your things on the line - that was one of my favorite things when we visited RaggedyDad's sister's house in Belgium.

Barbara said...

So cute!

Always remember, trying to keep a clean house with children around is like trying to shovel the walk while its still snowing.

A fellow mom

Scraps said...

She's a real cutie! A regular Mommy's Little Helper. :)

MizEllie said...

Peek-a-boo! What a cutie!

Happy mother's day.

LittleBirdies said...

She is so yummy!

muse said...

Good to make cleaning fun. I never did that, which is a shame, but my granddaughters love to clean, B"H.