Friday, 18 May 2007

The JBlog Bunch - Week One... Who Do you Know??

Do you know who the JBloggers are in the pictures above??

9 JBloggers Reveal a Photo of themselves!
The Mystery Blogger Series No #1

Bagel Blogger has created a really fun game for JBloggers to see just how well they think they know each other. Week one is already up, so make sure you pop over and have a go... All you have to do is match the 9 JBlogger photos to 9 of the 10 JBlogger blog links. Now that doesn't sound too hard, does it? A few people have already stepped up to the task.

Who can you see there? Can you see Rafi G? Muse? What about Yid With Lid? Or A Simple Jew? Hmmm...

Are you up to the task? Think you know all nine?

Go and leave your answers in the comments section of Mr Bagels post!

I would also like to point out the nice job Mr Bagel did of creating the JBlog Bunch Cartoon picture above... very cute, nice job!

.... Just another day ....


MizEllie said...

This is a great idea and a really fun way to get to know other bloggers better. Kudos Mr. Bagel!

muse said...

It's great!
I wonder who I am in there....