Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Love Of A Child

The greatest love of all is be able to have a child’s love

To love your child and to have your child love you back

Waking each morning with your child’s eyes on you.

A child’s love keeps you believing in brighter days

Believing that dreams do come true

Giving you hope for a brighter future

Bring happiness to your heart

Bringing rainbows to every gray sky

Having the love and comfort of a child is the greatest gift in life

A child’s love is forever lasting

No matter how far you travel

No matter how many miles away,

You will always have your child’s love in your heart

It will never go away

You can always feel your child’s presence in your heart

Your child’s home is in your heart

Their love is always here to comfort you.

poem by Stacey Chillemi

.... Just another day ....


Barbara said...

Oh so true!

The best days of my life is when I am with my children and one of them looks at me in the middle a seemingly mundane moment and says, spontaneously, "I love you, Mom."

It makes the illness I went through after the births, the 12 years of infertility treatments, the current problems... seem small in comparison to their love.

MizEllie said...

You have the most beautiful babies! I see a lot of you in them. (There may be a lot of their father too - I just don't know what he looks like. ;-)

Scraps said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. You're really quite talented. Have you ever considered going into professional photography? I'm sure people would love you to photograph their kids.

Sara with NO H said...

Absolutely gorgeous...

Bec said...

She is just too cute! Gorgeous eyes and lashes! :)

Baleboosteh said...

Barbara, they are the most important thing in life. Thanks for your comment.

Mizellie, thanks! Jade is a lot like Aaron.

Scraps, I have always been interested in professional photography - it is an interest I partially persued, then other 'things' happened and I dropped it. Maybe one day I will follow it up again.

Sara, thanks! :D

Bec, thanks and it is nice to hear from you again! :)

frumhouse said...

Breathtaking pictures!!!! What a lovely tribute to the love of a child - just in time for Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and beautiful poem... Thank you for reminding about simple and the most important thing in the world...
We should keep it constantly in our hearts...

LittleBirdies said...

Those are the moments that keep me going when I'm overwhelmed.