Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Amber's Progress 5 Months On

As many of you are aware, our middle daughter Amber had rather radical open hear surgery late December last year. It has been 5 months since her surgery now, she is 5.5 years old and we have been very lucky in that she has had a very good recovery.

The photo above is of Amber eating her breakfast a couple of weeks ago. She is looking so good now, she is healthy, happy and really enjoying school. She is now able to run around just like all the other kids without getting really puffed out and tired.

The photos below are of amber in hospital. The quality of the photos aren't to great as they were taken with my film camera and then scanned, so the colour is a little bit funny, but anyway it gives an insight into what she has been through recently. Why am I posting them now? Because it has taken me 5 months to finally get the camera film processed!!

Above and below: Approx 1 hour after surgery in ICU. It is quite scary at first walking in to a room and seeing your child rigged up to so many machines.

Below: 1 day after surgery, still in ICU of course. The actual incision was not the worst part from my point of view - the four big thick drainage tubes sticking out of her chest was worse by far. It is hard to tell from the photos, but the tubes were about a centimeter thick.

Below: 2 days after surgery and slowly loosing bits and pieces of machinery! Hooray!
She was also feeling happier at this point as long as the nurse stayed away from her.

Below: approx 10 days after surgery. Only 2 drainage tubes remaining. Even after a sedative, getting those last tubes out was a nightmare. The fight she put up was incredible, she was so physically strong it took 5 of us to hold her down while the nurse removed the tubes - I have never seen her so upset before or since that day.

They say that they forget most of it as they get older, but I don't know about that....

.... Just another day ....


MizEllie said...

Your sweet baby looks great. It's hard to believe she had such a serious surgery only five months ago! Those tubes..and the incision... really do look scary. What a brave girl!

Pod said...

oh bless her! she looks great now! thanks for the comment!

Baleboosteh said...

Mizellie, I find it hard to believe it is only 5 months ago too, it seems like such a long time ago now. She is a tough little thing! :D

Pod, thanks for visiting! She is doing great - thank goodness, we have been very lucky this time around.

A Simple Jew said...

Baruch Hashem. Seeing those pictures of her in the hospital bed bring tears to my eyes. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to know that it was your child going through this.

marsha said...


I am so glad she is doing so well.


Baruch Hashem!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a strong spirited girl...and she looks just like you. G-d Bless the things that you've had to undergo...I'm glad that she's made such incredible progress.
I used to be a surgical tech and spent many times wheeling patients after heart surgery into the ICU...never saw a child though go through it. The emotions you must have felt...overwhelming!!
Thank your stars and keep on blogging..

projgen said...

She's so beautiful! Thank Gd we have the technology to help so many. It must have been terrifying for all of you to go through this experience; I'm glad she's doing so well.

But I can only imagine what the poor clerk at the photo lab must have thought seeing this pictures!! ;)

Jewish Smörgåsbord said...

It aches my hurt to see the pictures of Amber in the hospital. She is such a brave girl, so glad she is doing so great now!

frumhouse said...

Thank G-d she is doing well! It's like night and day between her now and before photos. What a miracle!

muse said...

Baruch Hashem, bli eyin haraa. She seems to be doing great.

Scraps said...

I'm so glad to hear she's doing well. She should continue to grow better and stronger every day, b'ezrat Hashem!

RaggedyMom said...

Wow. You and Aaron, and of course Amber, are so brave for what you've endured! It's wonderful to see that photo of Amber nearly half a year post-op looking so terrific!

Canadian Salmon said...

HI B... She is a fighter Im glad she is doing well. Keep up with the good spirits. CS

Baleboosteh said...

ASJ: me too! :D

Marsha: thanks :D

Crusty: thanks as always. Sounds like you have some real insight.

Projen: good to see you again! I hadn't thought of the photo lab people! You are right!

JS: She is a tough little thing!

Frumhouse: It is like night and day, it is hard to believe it is only a few months ago.

Muse: thanks, she is :D

Scraps: Thankyou so much :)

Raggedy: We really didn't have a choice... we are very lucky to have her and her health. :D

CS: good to see you again back on the blogs. She is a fighter.

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments.

LittleBirdies said...

Wow--you are a strong woman with all you've been through.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Must be tough and you seem great about everything. The pics gave me chills and just thinking about that I have a daughter the same age wow, how appreciative I have to be of her health.