Thursday, 17 May 2007

My Inspiration

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a few people ask me if I am a professional photographer. The answer is quite simple... no... absolutely not.

I do have a passion for photography and have had since I was about 7 or 8 years old. Many members of my family work for the 'Herald-Sun' newspaper in Melbourne. It started with my Grandfather working there, then Dad worked there for almost 30 years holding a rather high position, along with many of my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and even my Mum. There was a joke amongst the workers that the building was really the family mansion because so many of my family worked there and had done so for so long. So, I guess I had an interest in newspapers and photography through family interest for a start. When I was in primary school I had a friend whose Dad was a very well know photographer for 'The Age' newspaper in Melbourne. It was the day that he came and visited my grade 2 class to talk to us about being a photographer for The Age that I became interested in photography myself.

The photo above is a day I clearly remember. It was 1984, John Lamb asked all us kids to sit in a circle and he stood in the middle - spinning around taking photos of us all, showing us how his camera worked and how quickly he could take photos. The photo above is one of those photos (that's me second from the left).

John is one of Melbournes greatest photographers and worked for many, many, years for the Age. He has had a very successful career winning numerous awards. I have found that John no longer works for the Age, apparently he left back in 1998, but, it was only back in March this year he won another award - a Lifetime Achievement Award.

"Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards
Lifetime Achievement Award

The Melbourne Press Club gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to former Age photographers John Lamb and Bruce Postle, described by the club committee as two of the greatest cameramen in the history of Australian press photography." (that's John on the left)

I believe John now owns and runs a Corporate Photography business and a Family Photography business in bayside Melbourne.

It is kind of strange to think that one visit, from a particular person, to my grade 2 class all those years back, has made such an impact on me.

Maybe one of these days I can spend the time, get the training, develop the skills, work damn hard, put in all the blood, sweat and tears I need to be as good and as successful a photographer as what John is. Maybe...

.... Just another day ....


Stam said...

You look just like yourself, i saw the picture and without even reading i could tell that it was you in the picture :)

You definitly have an amazing talent when it comes to photography, i enjoy looking at all the pictures you post.

frumhouse said...

You surely ARE a photographer! What a great picture.

MizEllie said...

It's amazing how certain childhood experience impact us and stick with us. I wonder if John Lamb knows what an inspiration he was? It would probably please him!

As for you, what an eye you have. You are an incredible natural talent.

RaggedyMom said...

What a great photo, along with a great memory. Sometimes those small events leave such an impact.

muse said...

I have photos I took when barely 10, and they're really amazing, really.

Maureen said...

BB, you ALREADY are a photographer. Just look at your photos!
As for becoming a professional photographer, if anyone can accomplish that, you most certainly can.
P.S - I voted for you!